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Campus Chronicles 20: A New Start

New Year’s Resolutions can get pretty stale. But here are my thoughts on what makes them so important.

The campus of Baylor University is at the heart of Waco, Tex Photo by Allen Holder/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

As always, with the coming of the New Year comes the hope of a new semester. Maybe the Fall didn’t go the way you wanted it to but having a month off from school, eating all your momma’s good food, and getting that thing you wanted for Christmas has you feeling like this semester is YOUR semester.

You’re making Dean’s List this semester.

You’re going to the SLC 4 times a week this semester.

You’re going to become way more active in that organization this semester.

You’re going to hang out way more with that friend you kinda loss touch with this semester.

You’re going to Club Moody to take care of all your homework and projects every night cause you’re not procrastinating this semester.

We’ve all been there. And of course, we all have come up a little short on our Spring Semester’s Resolutions from time to time. Such is life. However, the important part of Spring Semester or New Year’s Resolutions isn’t so much to accomplish them, it’s making them in the first place. If that sounds like “millenial participation trophy generation” drivel I’m sorry but just hang with me here, alright?

Ultimately, resolutions (like rebellions) are built on hope. As humans, we fail pretty often cause life can be extremely trash. The night is dark and full of terrors. But what do we as humans do when life knocks us down? We hit the reset button and say “from this point forward it’s gonna be different. Not only different, but better”. We do this at the macro level for New Year’s Eve or even at the micro level when we go to bed at night and say “tomorrow is a new day”. That matters. It matters because life can really suck. School can really suck too. There are a whole lot of stress and anxiety inducing moments built in to the school year and sometimes it feels like they’ll never stop. It ain’t all Sic ‘Ems and Miss Mei cookies being a Baylor Bear but we push through the challenges because we know that life isn’t supposed to suck.

We can make life as amazing and as wonderful as it should be and resolutions are a huge part of that. Not because you may lose a few pounds or get a few more points on your GPA, but because when you look at life and say “you know what, this kinda sucks. But I’m not gonna give up. I’m gonna make it better” you’ve already won the toughest part of the battle.

I know I’ve screwed up a lot in my time at Baylor. So I’ve resolved to procrastinate less and plan out my assignments and responsibilities much more. And since it’s my last semester it’s my last opportunity to make the Dean’s List so I’m gonna do it. I also want to write on this here website way more than I do currently and shake it up with some new formats so I plan to do that as well. What do you want to do?

In summary, life might suck sometimes. It’s really easy to fall into the cynical trap of “New Year’s Resolutions are dumb and no one keeps them anyway so I’m not going to make one.” But don’t do that. When life sucks don’t take these reset buttons we have for granted. They’re always there when you need em. Tomorrow is a new day. This semester is a new semester. Make your resolutions. Have hope. Make life suck a little less.

Thanks for reading and Sic ‘Em Bears.