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Daily Bears Report 1/3/17

Recruiting News Clipboard. Salute to Coach Jim Grobe. Exclusive Matt Rhule Interview. Coaching hires.

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Boise State vs Baylor
A smile we’ll remember.
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Salute to Coach Grobe.

It’ll go down as one of the most surprising, most satisfying wins of Jim Grobe’s long coaching career. Nobody on Baylor’s sideline deserved the reward of that 31-12 Cactus Bowl win over Boise State any more than the Bears’ fill-in head coach. Story by WacoTrib’s Brice Cherry.

But, in the big picture of the entire 2016 season, Grobe doesn’t register a win, but rather a save.

We’re talking a Mariano Rivera-style save.

Back in May, the national perception of Baylor football was toxic. The sexual assault scandal that led to the dismissal of Art Briles as coach created a quagmire that needed quarantining. What coach would dare take on such a task? You’d have to be out of your head, the thinking went.

Yet Grobe nobly sprang to the rescue — and he didn’t even wear a hazmat suit.

Out of desperation, Baylor found inspiration. Oh, and make no mistake, the program was desperate. Former Baylor coach Grant Teaff helped out with the search, and he correctly noted that any current college head coach who would bail on their program just months before the season wouldn’t be the type of man the Bears needed. But such a situation also demanded someone with experience, as well as a trustworthy leader with a character beyond reproach. This was a program adrift, in need of a rudder.

“It wasn’t easy, because it just took time,” Grobe said, when I asked him about building relationships with his new players. “I’m sure when I first got here there were a lot of doubts with these guys, wondering what this Grobe guy was all about.

“As time went on I think they realized that I wasn’t here to change a lot of stuff, I wasn’t here to take over and drive them. I was here to put my arms around them and love them up a little bit, try to help them get through this season.”

To his nature, Grobe deflected credit afterward. He expressed his gratitude to Baylor’s seniors, and chalked up the win to the efforts of the players and the other coaches.

That’s fine, Jim, give those guys the win.

But in this scorer’s opinion, you get the save.

Exclusive Matt Rhule Interview

HC – Matt Rhule, DC – Phil Snow, OC/RB – Jeff Nixon, OC/WR – Matt Lubick, Dline – Elijah Robinson, Oline – George DeLeone, DB – Francis Brown, LB – Mike Siravo

On Staff - Shawn Bell, Joey McGuire, David Wetzel (All three hired from Texas high school coaching ranks.)

Recruiting News Clipboard