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Daily Bears Report 1/27- Recruiting Updates and Commitment, Big Basketball Week, and Videos

Signing day and huge games are coming up for the Bears

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports


Baylor added Chidi Ogbonnaya, a defensive end from Langham Creek. Ogbonnaya was a former Houston commit.

And as a result, the class just keeps rising:

If you’ve watched the Facebook live show we do, you may be familiar with us calling out Mark Passwaters, Texas A&M’s Rivals site guy. He previously tweeted that Baylor would not flip any player currently committed to a power five program.

But Passwaters did exactly what we should all do when we get something wrong. He admitted his mistake and mentioned how well Matt Rhule is doing. I had a cold take where I predicted Baylor would beat West Virginia. I owned up to it, then I predicted the exact score of Baylor-Texas. The power of acknowledging the cold take and admitting a mistake is unmatched. Too many people either move on and hope nobody notices or act like they were right all along. Cheers to Mark Passwater for admitting he was wrong. We should all strive to do that when we are.

Scout reports John Lovett will pick his school on signing day. Recent predictions are trending in favor of Baylor:

The Bears offered Navy commit Ryan Miller:

The last five predictions on 247 have DeMarco Artis ending up at Baylor. The former Florida State commit is a top 600 player.

This one would be huge but might happen. The last three picks on 247 have Devodrick Johnson flipping from Texas A&M to Baylor. The top 350 national player could play quarterback, linebacker, or a host of spots.

And SicEm365’s Colt Barber has a great point and a fantastic run down of Baylor football recruiting here:


The men take on Ole Miss at 5:00 on Saturday. I’ll have a preview of that game tomorrow night.

Pierre Jackson has picked up another 10 day contract with the Mavs. From the Waco Tribune-Herald:

The Mavericks have signed Pierre Jackson to a second 10-day contract, putting the former Baylor guard closer to a guaranteed roster spot for the rest of the season.The 25-year-old Jackson has averaged 3.1 points and 1.7 assists in seven games with the Mavericks in his first NBA season. He was signed off Dallas’ development league team in December and waived less than two weeks later. He signed his first 10-day deal Jan. 15.

Luke Winn of SI has Baylor #2 in his power rankings, and he even writes about a set I often refer to as the awesome play:

One way the Bears take advantage of forward Ish Wainright’s passing ability is to use him as slingshot from the wing to the post. In this, the Power Rankings’ quick-hitting Play of the Week, their first action of a halfcourt possession is to have Wainright make a hard cut from the top of the key to the right wing (with help from a cross-screen), after which he receives a pass, 180s, and slings it to big man Johnathan Motley directly under the rim, where he’s been freed by a well-timed backscreen

If you’re wondering what the awesome play is, Ish Wainright runs around a stationary big man and (usually) collects a pass on the right side of the 3-point line. Wainright can then fire it to a big man for an easy opportunity, throw a lob over the defense, or a guard can pop out for a 3-point look. Here are some examples:

I’ll save the clip of the guard popping out for a 3-point shot for a full piece on that play. The Bear’s offense has struggled at times, but that play has been masterful.

The Lady Bears play Sunday against Oklahoma. The Waco Tribune-Herald had this on the Lady Bear’s impressive win against Kansas State:

If there was a question as to how the Baylor women would respond to even the tiniest touch of adversity in their Big 12 schedule, the answers came fast and furious in Wednesday night’s 91-49 win over No. 25 Kansas State in Manhattan, Kan.Seemingly refocused after a closer-than-expected, 79-73 win over No. 22 West Virginia last Saturday, No. 2 Baylor came out strong and never took its foot off the pedal behind a career-high 25 points from senior guard Alexis Prince.


Baylor football is up early:

Highlights of the Lady Bear’s victory against Kansas State:

We’re less than a week from signing day and Baylor-Kansas. Have a great weekend everyone, and Sic ‘Em Bears!