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ODB Early September Mailbag & Call for Questions

Ask a question in the comments or contact us with any questions

We’re going to change the mailbag up a little bit. We’re retaining the old ask us anything in the comments. So, ask us anything!

We’re adding a mailbag where you can ask us anything you’d like as well via Twitter(@ourdailybears)- please use #ODBmailbag, Facebook, and gmail ( If you contact us via those platforms, we’ll run your email address or name, unless you ask us not to do that. Then, we won’t do that. We’ll run some of your questions from those platforms in a later mailbag.

Baylor plays SMU Saturday at 2:30 P.M. at McLane Stadium. You can Ask about the game. You can ask about Baylor basketball, Baylor recruiting, or Baylor anything. And if you want to ask about major life advice, it’s probably best to find a different mailbag for that!