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Daily Bears Report 9/6

Folks have lots of good things to say about Baylor these days.

NCAA Football: Northwestern State at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Volleyball

Baylor Volleyball will be in Tallahassee, FL this Thursday and Friday where they will face Florida, Little Rock and Florida A&M in the Seminole Tournament. Get to know some of the Baylor Volleyball team in this video.

Baylor Football

BU and SMU will meet for the 82nd time on Satuday. Baylor leads the all-time series 38-36-7 & 19-18-3 in Waco. The Bears have won 12 straight games over SMU and with 2014’s victory took hold of the overall series lead for the 1st time since 1924. Coach Jim Grobe talks of the coming game in this video of yesterday’s Meet the Press.

Baylor Expects Tougher Competition from SMU. From John Werner of the WacoTrib.

While the Mustangs likely won’t be near the caliber of some Top 25 teams the Bears will play in the Big 12, they appear to be much improved from last year’s 2-10 team that opened the season with a 56-21 loss to Baylor in Dallas.

“They’re a tough team to beat, I feel like all Texas teams are,” said Baylor cornerback Ryan Reid. “SMU is not an easy opponent, they’re going to give us their best shot. They have good receivers and a great quarterback in Matt Davis. One thing we have to take away is the explosive plays.”

Missed tackles hurt Baylor against SMU last year. The Dallas Morning News says that similar mistakes could be magnified this year.

Although the Bears allowed only 78 yards of offense, they missed some tackles. Some of that can be attributed to being overly aggressive, and the fact that 29 first-year players saw action (17 redshirt freshmen, 12 true freshmen).

Similar mistakes on Saturday could be magnified against SMU. The Mustangs generated the most yards (572) in Chad Morris' 13 games as coach in their 34-21 victory at North Texas.

OK, now hold on to something, because CBS’s double D (Dennis Dodd) has some good ol’ fashioned honest sports reporting left in him. In this article, he actually reports objectively on the progress of the 105 recommendations, the fact that Baylor is so much more than just football and that football wasn’t the major problem of the scandal. (OK, so maybe I glossed it over just a little bit - OBF.)

"The actions of a couple of boys doesn't determine the whole team and it doesn't determine the whole school," said Shannon Foy, a female student from Bakersfield, California. "We were obviously upset about it. That was kind of hurtful to put it on the whole school. We're wanting to put it in our past."

Foy, a junior, said she felt safe on campus and chose Baylor because, "You never find a school that's this big with this good of a Christian foundation."

Faith in the Baptist flagship has not wavered where it counts. The school just enrolled its second-largest freshman class. There was a 98.2 percent renewal rate on 28,000 season tickets. All 9,500 student tickets went quickly.

Trust me, media were on the lookout for any protests by effected parties outside McLane Stadium regarding the scandal. There were none.

New athletic director Mack Rhoades — made a huge statement when he left Missouri — with its own set problems -- to come here in July.

The school is well on its way to adopting all 105 recommendations made for change in that Pepper Hamilton report following the sexual assault investigation.

"We have an opportunity to be leaders in this space," Rhoades said, "dealing with sexual assault."

Baylor Regent Jay Allison is inducted into this year’s Wall of Honor. Baylor Bears dot com has the full story of how Jay just keeps giving back.

“I start working out, and I’m not in very good shape, and this man touches me on the shoulder,” Allison said of his first Baylor football practice. “It happens to be Grant Teaff. He asks me if I’ve had a physical. And I said, ‘No, sir.’ He said, ‘You need one?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely!’ So, that’s how I got my start.”

Although he didn’t play in the game, Allison was one of the few freshmen that actually suited up for the Cotton Bowl with the Southwest Conference champions.

“January 1, 1975, is kind of like magical,” he said.

“I always say that God trusted me long before I trusted him,” Jay said. “If you recognize that it’s not your money, you’re just a steward and you’re fixing to go into a casket and end up in one place or the other, then it’s what are you going to do with it? Why did he give that to you? I think he puts you in spots where you’re compassionate about something.

“Baylor has been such a huge blessing in my life. . . . We’re proud to leave this Baylor legacy for our children and grandchildren. Everything we have belongs to God, we’re pleased to honor Him by serving Baylor.”

Fan Posting

redbeard25 has posted a list of Baylor’s NCAA records.

Especially in the past few years, the Bears have been particularly adept at breaking records, whether it's airing out bombs, racking up points, or WildBearing down the field.

Luckily, our fine friends at the NCAA keep track of these things and annually update the list that they keep on their website. It turns out that Baylor is mentioned in 158 of these. However, some of them are not that... exciting... or ones that you want to remember. Like Most Points Scored by a Losing Team (Regulation) 63—Baylor vs. West Virginia (70), Sept. 29, 2012.

Just Some Random Tweets