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Watching the Lines: Baylor Opens As Heavy Favorites Against SMU

House Baylor
I found this searching through the photo base so I’m using it.

It’s that time of year again! Welcome back to Watching the Polls, where we look at what Vegas thinks of Baylor, the Big 12, and other teams around college football. As always, odds are taken from Vegas Insiders.

Baylor opened up as 28.5-point favorite against SMU. As of this writing, that line has moved up to 31 points. Vegas is expecting points.

Note: Parenthesis will be (Opening Line / Current Line)

Big 12 Lines

Arkansas at TCU (-4/-7.5)

Ohio (-9/-2) at Kansas

Louisiana-Monroe at Oklahoma (-44/-44)

Central Michigan at Oklahoma State (-19/-20.5)

UTEP at Texas - No line yet.

Iowa State at Iowa (-18/-15)

Texas Tech at Arizona State (-5/-4.5)

Other Lines of Note

South Carolina at Mississippi State (-9.5/-7) - The same MSU that lost to South Alabama...

MTSU at Vanderbilt (-5/-5.5) - Oh, Vandy...

Lamar at Houston - No line, but I’ll spot Houston 40 points and take them.