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Meet the Press: Iowa State

Notes from Jim Grobe’s weekly presser.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Grobe had his weekly presser this afternoon. Here’s a roundup of some of the main points he made:

Grobe was concerned about the competition level with Oklahoma State, so he was glad to get away with a win. Glad the players got challenged.

He was disappointed Baylor wasn’t forcing turnovers early.

Grobe said Jordan Feuerbacher catches the ball well and runs better than he expected.

“I’m not very smart being a hillbilly from West Virginia.”-Grobe’s reaction to a question on the headset switch. He says they need to do a better job communicating, and that it’s on him. He does think there are times you need to go for it on fourth down, but that was not one of those times.

Shock’s role is to compete. He needs to practice hard during the week and earn snaps. Then, in the game, the better he plays, the more he gets to play.

Against Oklahoma State, the defensive plan was not to give up the home run after seeing what OSU did to Pitt. Baylor focused on the pass defense and taking away the deep ball.

He thinks Baylor is doing a really good job up front with the young guys.

Ishmael Zamora was huge for Baylor. He was a bit of a question mark for Grobe since he didn’t play much last year, so he was glad to see the big plays.

KD Cannon has a pulled groin. His value is his foot speed, so they don’t know how quickly he will bounce back.

Grobe loves how hard the defense plays. Even though there are some smaller guys, they play full speed.

Iowa State’s dual-quarterback system: they are both good at running and passing.

Kicking position: his plan is to let the players compete. He is not holding anything against Chris Callahan.

The defense gets overlooked sometimes because of how prolific the Baylor offense is. The team looks at the number of snaps the defense had to gauge how well they did. Grobe loves the red-zone defense.