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Saturday Late Night with OBF

Seth Russell gives Mason Rudolph a big hug after the game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Volleyball Starts Conference Play Today (Its already Sunday?)

Game Images from When Football Started Conference Play

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Baylor “B” Association with Walter Abercrombie honors Jason Smith as a Legend.

Heisman House Game Recap

Post Game Interviews

The Post Game interviews can be found at Baylor Bears dot com.


Yep, that’s four in a row. Baylor is now the only team with a current streak to have won four games in a row to start the season for the last four years in a row! Here are highlights from the OSU game courtesy of Baylor Athletics.

Highlights Courtesy of Big XII Digital

Highlights Courtesy of Fox Sports

Animal Crackers have sports nutritional value?

Baylor athletics nutrition experts say whatever it takes to get the calories returned during workouts. I hope a couple of pizzas were waiting for each member of the Baylor Defense after the OSU game.

Where were you during the lightening delay?

During the lightening delay, Joel Klatt who was announcing the game for Fox Sports, jumped around to the suite next door and visited with John Morris live on the IMG radio. He said he feels for the Baylor players because he went through a similar situation while playing football in college. He also discussed the Big XII’s expansion plans and how he sees that panning out. His thoughts on expansion are mirrored in this video report he made earlier which also contains his thoughts on this season’s Big XII playoff chances. With both West Virginia and Baylor winning today yesterday, I doubt his playoff thoughts have changed very much.

DeFacto Championship

SBNation’s The Smoking Musket says that the Big XII Playoff hopes are still intact.

The playoff committee is good but it isn’t great. The fact that it nearly left Oklahoma out last year because of the whole “They don’t play a championship game” rhetoric was idiotic. This year, the Big 12 has three games on Championship Weekend. It would be a big help if one of those games is a defacto Championship Game.

The best bet for the conference would be the two undefeated teams playing for a shot at the playoffs. That would mean Baylor and West Virginia. Baylor, having cruised through its normal and unsuitable non-conference slate begins Big 12 play this weekend with Oklahoma State. West Virginia finishes up its non-conference slate with Brigham Young at FedEx Field. Imagine both teams, having run through the Big 12 play coming into December 11-0. Despite what has happened so far, the winner of that game would absolutely make the playoffs.

Wake Forest Athletics Tribute to Coach Jim Grobe (2013)

Jim Grobe Pushes Back on The Media

As some members of the media continue their smear of Baylor Athletics, Baylor Head Football Coach Jim Grobe calls their reporting unprofessional and unfair.

Coach Grobe Is Not the Only One Pushing Back

NCAA Football: Lamar at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

In this ESPN article it is reported that Judge Ken Starr is speaking up about the unfair media practices.

During an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Starr said Briles was an "honorable man who conducted an honorable program."

"Briles has devoted his life to molding the lives of young men," Starr said. "A grave injustice was done to Art Briles. Coach Briles has been [calumniated] ... it's completely unfair.

"I have great confidence to this day in Coach Briles. I believe he's an honorable person."

The Texas Tribune has more on Judge Starr’s interview. Judge Starr is also writing a book on his time at Baylor.

He also accused ESPN and other media outlets of distorting the university’s image through what he called inaccurate or misleading reporting.

"Baylor is doing extremely well this year, and the faculty is in a very good place,” he added.

Starr also offered full-throated support for Art Briles, Baylor’s ousted head football coach. He suggested that Briles did not deserve to be fired — and was the victim of inaccurate news reporting.

"There's this meta-narrative out there, and you're echoing it because it's your job,” he told Smith. “And then there's reality."

“I have great confidence — to this day — in Coach Briles,” Starr said. “If there was a question of integrity, you fire the person for cause. Art Briles was not fired for cause.”

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach responds to Judge Ken Starr with the following:

Baylor officials fired Briles in May, after the university's board of trustees released the findings of the Pepper Hamilton report, which detailed how the school -- and specifically members of the football program -- failed to respond to reports of sexual assault.

Yet the Pepper Hamilton Report never once states that Coach Art Briles was one of those “members of the football program” that failed. Once again the media, more specifically ESPN, takes things out of context. Is that not unprofessional and completely unfair?

[ca·lum·ni·ate, kəˈləmnēˌāt/verb formal past tense: calumniated; past participle: calumniated; make false and defamatory statements about."foes were calumniating him in the US press"] I’m guessing that means lied their asses off.

And by the way, Jasmin Hernandez’s lawsuit against Art Briles has been dismissed from Federal Court. I guess that makes two Federal Judges that don’t see eye to eye with ESPN.