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Baylor-Oklahoma State Second Half Thread and First Half Recap

Baylor leads 21-14 at halftime

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor leads 21-14 after a long first half caused by an hour and twenty minute delay caused by lighting.

Baylor came out playing well. Russell hit Jordan Feuerbacher to convert a big 3rd and 11, then Terence Williams started taking direct snaps and scored on this touchdown:

The worst moment for Baylor in the first half was Tony Nicholson’s decision to field the punt inside the five. Nicholson proceeded to fumble on the return, and Oklahoma State got the ball inside the Baylor five. The Cowboys ran the ball up the middle and tied the game on the next play.

After Oklahoma State started moving the ball, Patrick Levels recovered a big fumble. He also had a nice tackle for loss before that play. K.J. Smith did a nice job forcing the fumble.

Then Oklahoma State managed to force an interception by tipping the ball at the line of scrimmage. The Baylor defense was stopping folks though, and the Cowboys missed a field goal.

And Ish Zamora had good hands after the tip to give Baylor the lead:

Verkedric Vaughns forced a big fumble after Oklahoma State started driving, then Zamora had another touchdown:

Baylor’s defense has been on the field a ton because the Cowboys have been successful with short yardage plays. Baylor’s safeties have played back, which has been effective in limiting James Washington. Washington had just two receptions for 26 yards.

But Baylor has capitalized on turnovers. The Bears have two turnovers, but the Cowboys two turnovers have zapped decent Oklahoma State drives and given the Bears the lead.

Baylor should feel pretty good about that half, but Phil Bennett might start bringing his safeties up as Oklahoma State has done well in short yardage.

After such a long first half, it’s nice to see the Bears enter the locker room with a lead on such a weird night.