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Kicker Chris Callahan and Corner Jordan Tolbert Suspended for Oklahoma State Game

NCAA Football: Baylor at Rice Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Catalina of ESPN Central Texas broke the news that Callahan would be out today:

Catalina also reports:

With Callahan out, Grobe may elect to go for it more in some field goal situations.

Callahan and Tolbert got into it a bit on the sidelines last week against Rice after Callahan missed a series of field goals. Callahan pushed Tolbert and a coach had to step in to break them up.

While not great news, hopefully the Bears can survive either going for it in some close field goal situations, or can rely on the tandem of Martin, and as David Smaok notes, sometimes Gallitz in longer kicking situations:

Callahan has made some big kicks in his career for Baylor, perhaps most famously the game winner against TCU in the #6158 game.

Both Callahan and Tolbert should be back next week as the Bears travel to Ames. I still think they can survive in the interim.