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Big 12 Rankings: Week 2

NCAA Football: Southern Methodist at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday everyone! This is definitely not a post that should have gone up three days ago but didn’t because life got in the way. No sir-ee, Bob.

Annnyyyway. Your Baylor Bears are at the top of the Big 12. Aren’t alphabetical rankings great? Meanwhile, Kansas and Iowa State scored a combined 24 points at the weekend. Which, really, we were expecting that. Elsewhere in the Big 12, West Virginia, Baylor, Texas, and Oklahoma won by decent margins against teams they should beat. Kansas State had a bye following a physical game at Stanford. Then there’s Oklahoma State and TCU. We’ll get to them.

10. Iowa State Cyclones (+0)

The ‘Clones took a beating in ¡El Assico! If they don’t better their play, the Cyclones may well end up with a single win against Kansas on the season.

9. Kansas Jayhawks (+0)

After the rushing of the field against Rhode Island, Kansas fans saw their team revert to their usual ways with a loss to Ohio. Ohio isn’t a bad team, but if the Jayhawks ever want to move up the Big 12 rankings, they have to win games like this one.

8. Kansas State Wildcats (+0)

The Wildcats had a bye and no one else deserved to be moved down.

7.-4. Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, TCU Horned Frogs, and Texas Tech Red Raiders ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Sooners crushed the ULM Warhawks. They will probably be fine.

The Red Raiders played the epitome of a #Pac12AfterDark game against the Arizona State Sun Devils. The Fightin’ Kliffs kept in the game for 3.5 quarters, but their lack of a defense (and a NCAA-record-tying eight touchdown effort) eventually spelled their doom.

Oklahoma State lost on a play that should never have happened. I don’t want to dock them for that, but... having a MAC team within one score at the end of a game is not how a team wins the Big 12.

3.-1. Baylor Bears, Texas Longhorns, and West Virginia Mountaineers

I know, I’m punting on the rankings here. There’s only so much one can gather from two games.

Texas let UTEP hang around for a while, though they eventually put on the points and won by a healthy margin. This team very well could be undefeated heading in to Big 12 play, which not many of us really expected. They would probably be in first if I reall had to choose.

The Mountaineers beat a bad team. Much like Baylor’s game, this was a pretty even first half, followed by a dominate effort in the third quarter by the better team. WVU plays BYU in DC this weekend, which will be an excellent test for Holgo’s squad.

Baylor’s first half of football was the worst half of Baylor football I’ve seen in quite some time. The second half was much better, but there are still numerous issues for Coach Grobe to iron out before the Cowboys come to Waco.

Top Four

The Top Four is back! This week, we will continue to ignore the teams that will be in the CFB Playoffs and instead focus on the important issue: Who will be Baylor’s next coach?

4. José Mourinho

Sure, Manchester United can outbid Baylor all day long, but The Special One will quickly become bored with being able to acquire any player he wants. He’ll want the challenge of recruiting. Plus, a Portuguese manager who speaks six languages and has won over 500 games being taken out of northern England to come to Central Texas would be a fun TV show.

3. Chip and Joanna Gaines

Everyone loves them! With all of the penalties at the weekend, the Bears could really use a Fixer Upper. Who better than the Gaines?

2. Nick Saban

Speaking of Chip and Jo, I hear Nick Saban’s wife was shopping in Waco for a house with Chip Jo.

1. Coach Eric Taylor

Texas Forever.