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SMU Game In Gifs

The time has come to have some fun! I have volunteered to fill in with a GiG's post after every know I hate to type. I'll give you a soup starter and you add the meat and potatoes with your own witty rendition of what you saw. Let's do this!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When you heard rain was being predicted for Saturday and it brought back memories of last season

When you've been standing in line for 45 minutes to go through the metal detector for a 2:30 kickoff

When you see Seth throwing the ball and is way off target

When you're told that Peter Pope said we'd cover the spread

When you see Patrick Levels going full beast mode on the Ponies

When you see Seth running the ball and say "Oh No", but then it turns into a "YES" when he scores

When Orion has a pick 6 and pays homage to JR Smith with his celebration

When you try to replicate it

Now it's your turn.