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Johnny Jefferson: Still Running on North Carolina

Russell Athletic Bowl - North Carolina v Baylor Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Even the best student has one of those classes where they get to the end and start panicking, “If only I get this percent, I might still be able to salvage this class.” The percent often turns out to be ludicrous given the student’s prior performance, but as I learned, not everyone has to be fluent and it’s okay some of us were barely above passable in French.

Johnny Jefferson had one of those ludicrous endings last season. In the final two games of the season, Jefferson had 46% of his season total in yards. If Jefferson had averaged per game what he averaged in his last two games, he’d have ended the season with 2,971 yards.

Jefferson isn’t going to have quite that crazy run throughout the season. He plays the same position as Shock Linwood, who still remains one of the bast running backs in the country. Jefferson displayed the skills that should lead him to have another 1,000 yard season before setting him up in 2017 to lead a monster group at running back.

I don’t know what Gene Chizik, the North Carolina defensive coordinator, did to Johnny Jefferson, but it must have been bad for Jefferson to do this:

If you forgot what he did to North Carolina, the internet did not:

Jefferson is an unbelievable talent. Ted Harrison previewed the wildbear potential he brings earlier. The Dallas Morning News even name him the Big 12’s 10th best quarterback. His final two seasons should be special.