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Daily Bears Reports 8/3: Davis is a Film Star; AP All Time Poll; RGIII Speaks

Nina Davis and Christy Wallace on set filming for BigXII Champions for Life Series

The American Athletic Conference thinks it might be in the cross-hairs of Big XII expansion. WacoTrib has the story.

"I think we've set a tone that we are going to approach this in a workman like fashion," AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco said in an interview with the AP. "We're not going to be morose. We're not going to be acting like woe is me. Just the opposite of that. This just means there is work to be done. This is not going to be fun. It's not going to be easy. We know we had to rebuild three years ago. I think it was a dire situation then. It's probably less so now but that doesn't mean that there won't be specific challenges. We're trying to be prepared."

Baylor Lady Bear Nina Davis is filming for the Big XII Champions for Life series.

Baylor football ranks 47th in the All Time AP Top College Football Poll.  Grizzly79er has another link here.

Before the AP started asking its member sports writers and editors to vote for the top teams, then-sports editor Alan J. Gould in 1935 went about ranking them himself. In the final rankings, he named Minnesota, Princeton and TCU co-No. 1s, and Gophers fans, as the story goes, hanged Gould in effigy.

Robert Griffin III, the Cleveland Browns QB with the most snaps during summer practice, speaks at a walk through press conference.

"Obviously, myself, Josh, Corey, and (OL Spencer) Drango all went to Baylor. We enjoy the fact that we all get to play together again or play together for the first time. It is fun, but it’s not our main focus. We’re Cleveland Browns now and we’re here to help resurrect this team and make it a consistent winner."