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Daily Bears Reports 8/23: Volleyball; Thank you WacoTrib; 2016 Hall of Fame; Football Special Teams

Today is the last day to vote on Baylor’s uniform. See tweet inside.

Baylor uniform options for the opener
@BUFootball on Twitter

Todays Events

Sport: Women’s Volleyball

Event: vs. Green and Gold Scrimage

Time: 6:00 p.m. CT

Baylor Volleyball

Volleyball hosts its annual Green and Gold Scrimmage tonight at 6:00 p.m. CT at the Ferrell Center. More from Baylor Bears dot com:

Doors will open at 5 p.m. and fans are invited to catch the first look at the 2016 Bears in action.

After the match, fans are welcome to head down to the court for a Meet the Bears autograph session, with 2016 schedule posters provided.

Baylor Athletics Student Athlete Welcome Event

How the Coaches Video is Made

Thank you WacoTrib

Just a moment to thank the writers and staff of the Waco Tribune-Herald for the work that they do reporting sports throughout the Waco/Central Texas region. As much as OBF plagiarizes reports on their articles, it is only fitting to spread the word of their upcoming 48 page Big XII preview magazine to be released on September 1. Again, special thanks to Bryce Cherry and John Werner for all the blood, sweat and tears in bringing us the news of Baylor sports daily. From Bryce Cherry of the Waco-Trib:

My colleagues within the Tribune-Herald sports department are no less dedicated to the journalism craft. And we probably never work harder or longer than the weeks leading up to football season. There are coaches and players to interview, photos to take, stories to write, schedules to compile and pages to design.

It’s laborious, but the fruits will sprout forth in the coming days, as our 24-page high school football preview section hits driveways and newsstands on Thursday, while our 48-page Big 12 preview magazine follows on Sept. 1.

We’ve spent months planning and crafting these projects. But, honestly, you don’t want a tour of the sausage factory, you just want that big, steaming bratwurst on your plate.

2016 Baylor Hall of Fame

Christin Vitek, the Baylor, Big XII and NCAA strikeouts record holder is elected to the 2016 Baylor Hall of Fame. She will be honored at the Hall of Fame Banquet at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, at the Waco Convention Center. Jerry Hill of the Baylor Bear Foundation has banquet information and interview with Cristin in this Baylor Bears dot com article.

Vitek got the call this summer telling her that she had been elected to the Baylor Hall of Fame.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I was just so humbled, honestly, because I couldn’t believe my name would come up out of all the tremendous athletes that Baylor has had over the years. . . . You know there’s a Baylor Hall of Fame. But you think that’s reserved for the greats, like the amazing people. And I don’t necessarily feel like I belong in that category.”

Baylor Football

Head Coach Jim Grobe will not have one certain “Special Teams Coach” for the Bears. Instead, he’s keeping the previous order of things and sharing the special teams coaching duties between numerous different assistant coaches. He does however intend to put the “special” back into special teams. John Werner has this BearsExtra report.

There are two areas where Grobe sees Baylor needs considerable improvement: special teams and penalties.

The Bears ranked in the bottom half of the Big 12 in many special teams categories last year and were 126th out of 127 NCAA teams by averaging 80.23 penalty yards per game. Those two areas have been under Grobe’s microscope as the Bears prepare for the Sept. 2 season opener against Northwestern State.

“The team that wins typically is the least penalized team, wins the hidden yardage battle and the special teams,” Grobe said. “All those kinds of things start to factor in. The guys will start looking at it that way and realize the special teams are a game within a game.”

Fan Vote

Today is the last day to cast your vote to decide which uniform combo will be worn by the bears in the season opening football game against Northwestern State. You can cast your vote in the following tweet: