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Ken Starr Leaving Baylor

Ken Starr resigns his tenured professorship with the Baylor Law School.

California Supreme Court Considers Prop 8 Challenge To Same Sex Marriage Photo by Paul Sakuma-Pool/Getty Images

Many will say it has happened two months late, but Ken Starr has resigned his tenured professorship with Baylor University’s law school.

From the WacoTrib:

“The mutually agreed separation comes with the greatest respect and love Judge Starr has for Baylor and with Baylor’s recognition and appreciation for Judge Starr’s many contributions to Baylor. Baylor wishes Judge Ken Starr well in his future endeavors. Judge Starr expresses his thanks to the Baylor family for the opportunity to serve as president and chancellor and is grateful for his time with the exceptional students of Baylor University who will lead and serve around the world,” said the joint statement from Starr and the university.