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Daily Bears Reports 8/10: CampBU, Trayvon Blanchard Interview; Petty, Drango and Briles

Music is still blaring out of the oversized speakers at ear splitting levels, the assistants are still coaching and Baylor’s offense is still running plays at a breakneck pace.

Camp BU

Same as it ever was. That’s how things look during Baylor football practices. A new head coach but the same old rock ‘n roll. BearsExtra brings us this story.

“Nothing has really changed, just the head guy,” said Baylor linebacker Taylor Young. “Everybody misses him, but we have to move forward. If you keep on focusing on the past you’ll get left there. Just having the assistants helping us get past the situation is a great deal.”

Baylor Volleyball

NFL Baylor Bears

Bryce Petty is low man on the Jets QB totem pole. The NY Daily News brings us this story.

The Jets’ preseason opener against the Jaguars Thursday night will be the most important game in Petty’s fledging career … until next week. The former Baylor star quarterback and 2015 fourth-round pick will begin what amounts to a four-game audition to prove that he belongs, a showcase of progress, a reminder to the team’s brain trust that cutting him would be a grave mistake.

Spencer Drango pressing the gas pedal to claim the 5th Cleveland Browns OL spot.

"It's just a great opportunity and I have to take advantage of it. They put me there to make plays and hopefully I can step up and make them," said Drango. "The coaches are always evaluating guys. I think the starting job is up for grabs until that first regular season game. We just have to keep working, bust our butts. Everybody out here is trying to get on the 53."

"He's working at it. He's one of our young players who I'm excited about," Hue Jackson said Saturday. "I think he has a bright future here, but as I said to all of you guys, we're still going to continue to search and find the best five linemen up there for our football team."

SBNation Olympic Humor

Art Briles

Former Baylor Head Football Coach Art Briles is confident he will coach again, just with lessons learned.

"I know who I am, I know what I've been for 60 years. People may doubt what you say, but they'll always believe what you do," Briles said. "I've always lived my life in a righteous manner."

Asked what he learned,

Briles said: “I learned that I am going to make sure I have policies in place that are going to protect everybody, students first and foremost, and then administrators, coaches. I’ve always been grateful for every chance I’ve been given to coach, so that’s never been an issue. Coming out now and being on the field, it sure makes you appreciate it even more, ’cause it’s hard.”