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Shock Linwood Ready to Break Records

Iowa State v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Shock Linwood enters the year on pace to easily set two major Baylor records. Linwood is 203 yards behind Walter Abercrombie for the most rushing yards in school history. Linwood is also just two touchdowns away from the career Baylor touchdown title.

Linwood has been excellent in his three seasons. He averaged nearly seven yards per carry as a freshman on 128 rushing attempts. As a sophomore, he had 16 touchdowns and helped the Bears complete a legendary comeback against TCU. This past season, Linwood had a career high of 1,329 yards. If he had not been out of the North Carolina game... it’s best not to think of that for the Tar Heels sake given what Johnny Jefferson and company did to them without Linwood.

Linwood can always break a play open. He did that early against Texas Tech:

Linwood is a consistent force. Among those with the 10 most carries in the Big 12 last season, Linwood had the highest yards per carry. He showed that skill moving the chains against Oklahoma State:

Against the Cowboys, Linwood illustrated with his speed he’s going to be Baylor’s all-time leading rusher and rushing touchdown king:

As Johnny Jefferson and Terence Williams generate the attention of many people, and rightfully so, it seems like people may have forgotten about Shock. It won’t take long for them to remember Linwood is one of the nation’s best running backs.