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Daily Bears Reports 7/31: Seth Russell is a Heisman Candidate and RGIII is now RG4

Baylor Football is back and more determined than ever.

Quarterback Seth Russell is a Heisman Trophy candidate. In this article John Warner of the Waco Tribune-Herald gauges the depth of the Baylor positions and the attitude of some of the players and coaches.

Even with Art Briles gone, Ryan Reid expects the Bears to compete for the Big 12 title once again.

"We’ve been championship contenders all four years I’ve been here, so I don’t think it’s going down now," Reid said. "It doesn’t matter how many people you have at each position, you just have to play your role. You have to come together as a team to make something happen. Chemistry is a big deal."

According to Jenni Carlson at NewOK, the scandal that has dominated Baylor’s off season has only served to galvanize the team.

Are Baylor's winning ways gone, too?

That kind of hubbub has galvanized the players. They want to prove people wrong. They want to do Baylor proud.

The gloom and the doom? The ugly past and the uncertain future?

"We don't worry about that," Russell said, referencing a Bible passage that he recently read. It says everyone will endure tough times but that God will be there always.

"You can't worry about things you can't control."

For those that are too dense to get the message so far, Baylor President David Garland via being a guest columnist for the WacoTrib, has reiterated Baylor’s stance on release of particulars found by Pepper Hamilton in their outside investigation of Baylor.

The Austin American Statesman says RGIII is now RG4, ready to reboot with the Browns.