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Daily Bears Report: 7/21 - Daniels Commits, Expansion, Grobe Clarifies

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Some good news this morning!

Yesterday Baylor football received its first verbal commitment of the new era yesterday in defensive back Noah Daniels. More info here, but it’s good to have the team back on the recruiting horse. Welcome Noah!

Check out his HUDL tape from his Junior Year.

Expansion talk exploded yesterday with Big 12 making an announcement on the media conference call.

Media: “lol u wild wyd”

Bowlsby: “lol nm”

Media: “xpnd?”

Bowlsby: “mb”

Media: “AYYY LMAO”

Surely all school leadership will agree immediately on who to invite and accept. There should be really rapid action. Definitely. No doubt about it.

So reports have the Big 12 simultaneously inviting and snubbing the following:

  • Houston
  • Cincinnati
  • BYU
  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • Memphis
  • (insert directional Floridians here)

So yeah, man. Big things, uh, big things happening. Definitely. Soon. Count on it.

Jim Grobe didn’t have the smoothest presser if you asked those outside the Green and Gold. He did some clarifying.

“When you talk about a culture, you kind of throw everybody under a blanket. I can only talk about what I’ve seen with our team since I’ve gotten here. We have a lot of quality, quality kids and I think we’ve got some moms and dads that are upset because when you start talking about a culture, that tends to say everybody.”

You ever print a house? This Baylor grad did. Does it have central air conditioning though?

Before graduating from Baylor, he designed and built a concrete 3D printer, with the goal of 3D printing a small house. Now, only a few months after developing the second version of his printer, he’s done it: he’s built what’s believed to be America’s first livable 3D structure. Simple, yes — but fully livable.

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow. is. Friday.