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Mack Rhoades Press Conference News and Notes

Mack Rhoades was introduced as athletic director this afternoon during the Big 12 Media Days. Rhoades will officially take over on August 15th.

Rhoades said the Baylor Board of Regents brought him to the school.

When discussing why he chose Baylor during his introductory remarks, Rhoades mentioned the school, faith, and Waco community. Rhoades noted, “the last several months have been difficult for the Baylor family... the actions (needed) will take time and care.”

Rhoades described this as an opportunity to lead in the familiar state of Texas. Rhoades has roots in Texas and was the former athletic director at Houston.

Dennis Dodd opened up by asking Rhoades why this was a better job than Missouri. Rhoades laughed off the question, then said he wanted to create an athletic department dedicated to excellence in all areas.

Rhoades believes there was a cultural problem with the football team. He said, “everyone will be on the same page.”

Many wondered about assistant coaches. Rhoades said he felt comfortable with the assistant coaches. Rhoades felt the culture had changed and the assistant coaches knew what was expected.

President Garland joined Rhoades during the presser. Garland said he did not expect any penalties from the Big 12 because they planned to be open with the conference.

The press conference ended at just over 30 minutes. Rhoades seemed ready to accept the challenge and opportunity.