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Daily Bears Report 7/18 - Media Days

Big 12 Media Days, Lady Bear recruit dominates, DRBT

University of Missouri President Resigns As Protests Grow over Racism
Mack Rhoades will be introduced at Big 12 Media Days this week.
Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Today marks the beginning of Big 12 Media Days, where reporters really demonstrate their ability to ask poignant and piercing questions.

“Talk about Media Days...?”

Mack Rhoades will be introduced and pressered. Jim Grobe will speak Tuesday. Baylor is bringing Ryan Reid, Kyle Fuller, and some pilot.

ODB will be covering Media Days, so be on the lookout.

“Do I fly the plane or does it fly me, man?”

Lady Bear recruit Lauren Cox dominated the Canadian team to win her FOURTH junior gold medal. Read more about her international success here, but man. Will be fun to see her in green and gold.

Love chips? Try making your own chips!

Love cars? Try making your own skateboard! Love cake? Try making your own aluminum foil!

Daily Random Baylor Tweet

<game show music>

This is where I will pick a random tweet out of my Tweetdeck column which only searches for Baylor. Nothing is filtered out of this search. Only the term “baylor”.

This should be fun. Let me know what I missed in the comments.

Survive Monday.