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Woman Who Alleged Assault Against Devin Chafin Pursued Athletic Department Job

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to KWTX, Dolores Lozano, the ex-girlfriend of former Baylor football player Devin Chafin who alleges he physically assaulted her, asked Coach Jeff Lebby for a recommendation for the position of assistant director of athletic marketing at Baylor. KWTX reports the email was dated Aug. 7, 2015, over a year after the alleged assault occurred.

Lozano writes glowing words about both the Baylor athletic department and Lebby, stating she “would love to pursue a career at Baylor because I admire Baylor's convictions and mission to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community” and telling Lebby “You’re the best!”

Yesterday, former ESPN reporter Joe Schad posted on his Facebook page that Lozano said she was assaulted three times by Chafin and Coach Art Briles and Lebby both knew about the incidents.

Baylor graduate Dolores Lozano says former Baylor running back Devin Chafin assaulted her three times and multiple coaches, including former head coach Art Briles and current passing game coordinator/running backs coach Jeff Lebby and multiple other Baylor employees, had knowledge, but did not take sufficient action.

Lozano is planning to file a Title IX lawsuit against Baylor, claiming the coaches did not take appropriate action after hearing of the incidents.

Chafin refutes her claims, according to Schad.

Chafin told me: "The story has been falsely constructed. No one knows the entire story. This girl is not who she claims to be."

Chafin said he never discussed the situation with former head coach Art Briles, but did with current assistant Jeff Lebby.

In his statement to Schad, Chafin also mentioned Lozano had emailed Lebby for a job recommendation.

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