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Daily Bears Report: Tuesday 6/7


*peeks out window*


It appears that during my nap, my wife moved me and our family to Austin, Texas. This is unfortunate.

The silver lining is that I'm now at the geographic hub for Baylor recruiting news!

Tim Cowlishaw, of national goateed fame, held a chat answering some reader questions on Baylor.

EA Sports NCAA Football.... has not returned. But SportsDay DFW wrote a fun little escape into the dream world where Big 12 running backs had a virtual cutback lane.

Speaking of the Big 12, one school says they can and will expand their stadium upon joining.

There is a school blog wondering if the Big 12 should evict Baylor. No, not them. Nope, not them either. Yeah, I know. What?

Baylor will be sending 11 athletes to the 2016 NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Oregon tomorrow. has the full write up.

Tuesday is just another Monday.