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Daily Bears Report- 6/6

Baylor's national title odds are four times lower than they were previously:

Kellen Mond, former Baylor QB commit, discussed his decommitment with Dave Schmulenson:

Q: What were your initial thoughts when the Baylor ruling came down and Art Briles was fired?

A: I really didn’t know what to think. I was away by myself in Florida so I gathered my thoughts and talked to my dad to try to find out what the best solution for me was going to be.

Drayton McClane, former owner of the Houston Astros and lead donor for the stadium named after him, spoke with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“I’m just devastated,” McLane said. “Just devastated. You can’t condone that anywhere. I talked always about commitment to the Astros and honesty, integrity and high Christian principles. I’m devastated that the problem wasn’t solved quickly when they knew that it happened so that it wouldn’t take several years.”

Baylor did not miss much with Terrance Ferguson committing to Arizona because he's now planning to forego Arizona for a season in, wait, Australia?