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Daily Bears Report: Monday 6/27

Tattoos, baseball, and an awesome fanpost.


Monday is just the first of like 4 Monday’s every week. Think about that.

Best of luck to transferring QB/TE Chris Johnson. CJ stepped up big for this team in a time of need, and ODB wishes him well as he continues his career with Tom Hermann at Houston at the tight end position.

Kam Martin decided where he is headed yesterday. Just needs a little touch up to the ink is all.


Even with all the offseason mess, Very Objective Berry Tramel thinks the Bears will win a conference title this season. That’s a lie.

Lookin’ good Berry!

Awesome fan post here from SilkyBear on the remaining 2016 football commits. Just really good stuff. I’m excited again.

What if the Big 12 Twitter account was hacked?

Who would you name as Baylor’s X-Factor in this upcoming season? ESPN Staff might not have the same answer.

The Big 12 was eliminated from the College World Series over the weekend as both TCU and Oklahoma State lost. This shouldn’t diminish from a very strong conference showing overall, as two teams were one series away from a championship. Well done.