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Terry Maston: Previewing the 2017 Bears

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

This is the fourth post in a series exploring Baylor basketball's roster for the 2016-2017 season. The series continues with a look at junior forward Terry Maston . You can read earlier posts on Ish Wainright, Jo Acuil , and Al Freeman by clicking on the player’s last name.

Excellent Mid-Range

One of Maston’s best skills is his mid-range jumper. In two games against Iowa State, Maston averaged an offensive rating of 131. His range was a big reason.

In the following clip, Maston makes a smooth jumper from just inside the perimeter. When Maston receives a pass from Lester Medford, Iowa State is left scrambling, which also leads to late help from Hallice Cook that leaves Ish Wainright open. But Terry Maston told the people of Ames there is no straw poll, or Iowa State victory against Baylor in 2015 or 2016.

Maston’s improved shooting also helped his free-throw percentage. As a sophomore, Maston shot 82%, which was second on the team to Al Freeman.

Scoring Near the Basket

Maston has a number of moves that help him score effectively near the basket. Although Maston is only 6’6, he shot 68.9% near the rim, according to

Below, Maston uses a quick right hook which allows him to score before former Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year Jameel McKay can peel off Johnathan Motley.

In the next clip, Maston gets deep in the paint, then rise with his left hand to make over McKay.

This Season

Maston could be a major contributor or he could be pushed for minutes by Acuil and a trio of young guards, especially if Baylor elects to go small. Maston lowered his fouls per 40 minutes to 5.4, per KenPom, but that still leaves him with a huge problem not fouling out as his minutes increase.

Maston plays because he’s an excellent shooter and moves well for a player that has the length to defend Big 12 big men. Baylor has a lot of roster flexibility this season, and having someone who can score in so many ways, like Maston can, leaves Baylor in a strong position to surprise people.