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Recap and Review: Baylor Football’s 2016 Recruiting Class (THREAD) (Updated 7/6)

Finding out where the 2016 former commits will go

Baylor Football Helmet

After the firing of Art Briles, the 2017 recruiting class exploded (in a bad way), leaving only one commitment for Baylor (Jalen Pitre <333)

However, the 2016 class had already signed, and many in that class have requested transfer to a different school and in some cases, some of the players have asked that Baylor allow them out of their letter of intent (LOI). This article will outline who has requested transfer, who is signing elsewhere, who is staying, etc...


Zach Smith, QB: Enrolled at Baylor. No indication from him as to him leaving.
Kam Martin, RB: Has not enrolled and is reportedly weighing his options.
UPDATE: Kam will enroll at Auburn. Big surprise there, most people had him going to UT

Jared Atkinson, WR: Plans to enroll in July, is waiting for clearance.

UPDATE (7/2): Has enrolled at Baylor. For some reason, the embed link won’t work, but here is the link to the tweet.

UPDATE (7/6): Atkinson is officially a Bear. Here is the proof.

Devin Duvernay, WR: Baylor messed up on his LOI, he will enroll at the University of Texas

Donovan Duvernay, ATH: Has not enrolled at Baylor, will be seeking release from his LOI. Even though they haven’t offered him, Texas seems to be the favorite.
Tren’Davian Dickson, WR: Dickson has announced that he will be transferring to the University of Houston. Because he enrolled in the Spring, and had already taken classes at Baylor, he will likely sit out this upcoming season, but that could be viewed as an unofficial redshirt.
Denzel Mims, WR: Enrolled at Baylor.No indication from him that he is thinking about transferring.
Patrick Hudson, OL: Hasn’t announced his plans, likely a UT lean as of this moment.
Update: Pat Hudson has committed to play at UT.

JP Urquidez, OL: Will seek transfer; his father has been outspoken about wanting him released from his LOI immediately.
UPDATE: JP has enrolled at UT.

Tyrae Simmons, OL: The JUCO OL enrolled at Baylor. Seeing as Baylor and Fresno State were his only two offers, I’d say it’s safe to bet he will be staying.
Branton Autry, OL: Enrolled but has since been kicked off the team for a violation of team rules.


Dequinton Osborne, DT: Did not enroll at Baylor, was released from his LOI, and has committed to Oklahoma State.
Jeremy Faulk, DT: Along with Branton Autry, was dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules.
Will Jones, DT: Will enroll at Baylor.
Bravvion Roy, DT: Enrolled at Baylor, all signs point to him staying.
Brandon Bowen, DE: Has played it very close to the chest. His twitter bio still says “Baylor Commit” for what it’s worth.
UPDATE: Has asked for release from his LOI. Big blow for the D-Line.
Micheal Johnson, DE: Enrolled at Baylor, haven’t seen any indication that he will leave or transfer.
Deonte Williams, LB: Announced he will be enrolling in July at Baylor.
Thomas Cletcher, LB: Enrolled at Baylor and all signs point to him staying.
Parrish Cobb, DB: Will not enroll at Baylor, his father has also been vocal about wanting him to be released from his LOI immediately.
Grayland Arnold, DB: Enrolled at Baylor, will not seek transfer
Raleigh Texada, DB: Enrolled at Baylor, will not seek transfer. Here’s a cool tweet that a local news outlet tweeted about his commitment.

Rajah Preciado, DB: Enrolled, all signs point to him staying.
Chris Miller, S: This tweet from Colt Barber says it all

Kenan Ivy, S: All signs point to Ivy enrolling at Baylor, but he has yet to enroll. He did tweet this out however, on June 14:

And finally, Connor Martin, K: Will enroll at Baylor.

If any news or tweets are posted about who is going where/who is staying, put them in the comments. I tried to find the most recent posts about Baylor that I could. That being said, if everyone who is not enrolled and requesting a release leaves Baylor, that would put us at 16(?) commitments. Connor Martin is a PWO, so he does not count against scholarship limits.

Also, I would like to point out that before any Baylor fan complains about and/or tweets something bad to some of the recruits requesting a release, that this is more than just another player who will get time for Baylor. This is a player’s life. If they do not want to come to Baylor, then by all means, they should not be forced to.