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Daily Bears Report: Monday 6/20

Taurean Prince is turning heads. Why is the Bill Daniel Student Center named that way? How many weeks until football is back?

Oh my.

I need football back in my life.

Basketball ended in a lot of respects last night, but not entirely. The NBA Draft is on Thursday and Baylor prospect Taurean Prince is getting sniffs here and there as a potential steal.

Sports Illustrated is placing Prince as the 4th best forward in this year’s group.

Prince’s combination of length and outside shooting makes him a perfect, modern 3-and-D prospect.

Lot’s of good info in that link if you are an NBA fan.


CSN Philly wrote a great piece diving into TP’s path from sleeping outside to the draft.

The doors closed at 10 p.m. On the nights the boy would return late from playing with his friends, his father would step out to wait for him. Sometimes the staff let them back in. On other occasions, they could not re-enter and had to find someone to stay with for the evening. Then there were nights they couldn’t secure anywhere to go.

Wanna know why the Bill Daniel Student Center for Chick-fil-a and Other Stuff is named that way? Baylor Proud has a cool bit about him here.

Born 100 years ago today, Bill Daniel was determined to go to Baylor even as a child. Never one to let an obstacle get in his way, he hitchhiked to the Baylor campus during the 1930s with just $7 in his pocket.

Almost enough for a sandwich.