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Baylor 2012 Match-up and GOT/Game 7

Baylor v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With game 7 of the NBA finals and Game of Thrones 9th episode both airing tonight, many viewers are faced with a difficult choice over which show to watch.

The case for the NBA finals is that this is one of the biggest games in history. LeBron has a chance to finally bring a title to Cleveland, and the best regular season team ever- at least by record- will have a chance to complete a historic season.

Missing the finals live means having to avoid social media and any looming texts about the game. Delayed games are always difficult for this reason.

I believe people should wait and watch Game of Thrones later. That’s a difficult call because the 9th episode in a season has featured many of the best episodes, including the Red Wedding.

Waiting to watch Game of Thrones involves risks. One stray text, or one person on social media thinking everyone is watching live can ruin a huge twist.

In 2012, many Baylor fans faced a similar dilemma on December 1. The Baylor mens basketball team went into Rupp Arena with the chance to avenge the Bears loss in the previous Elite Eight. At the same time, the Baylor football team played Oklahoma State with a chance to win their 3rd straight game. Baylor football was also two weeks removed from beating then #1 Kansas State.

On that day, I ended up watching Baylor-Kentucky until it ended. Then, I switched to Baylor football. The Bears ended up ending Kentucky’s 55 game home winning streak, and Baylor football won their game. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything.

Tonight, I plan to watch game 7. Once the game ends, I’ll head over to hbogo. I am not confident I’ll avoid spoilers. And I’m pretty sure I’ll get into a giant fight with someone live tweeting the show. But it’s game 7.