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Daily Bears Report: Monday 6/13

What if, instead of having static divisions, we reseeded them every year? Iowa State president Steven Leath seems to think it’s a good idea.

In essence, that would mean placing teams finishing first, third, fifth, seventh, and ninth in one division, and the even-finishing teams in the other.

The new threads are slowing releasing. Thoughts? Think Baylor will get a whole new uniform update?

The Big 12 (sans Baylor *sniffles*) is earning some major respect at the College World Series. Purple Baylor put on a pitching showcase last night, lead by Brian Howard. Frogs of War has the recap.

Bob reminds us to be ourself. I can get down with that.

Would Taurean Prince be at home in the Grindhouse? New HC David Fizdale was the top assistant for Erik Spoelstra in Miami.

Your daily expansion take:

Brice Cherry of the WacoTrib has his eyes on targets bigger than a BYU or UCF.

The likelihood of the Big 12 adding any of these tandems may be slim. But I say if you’re going to pursue expansion, do it right. Don’t go halfway.

Visit the four-star restaurant and order the priciest steak.

The doggie bag from your neighbor’s table just won’t cut it.