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Garland Says Pepper Hamilton Recommendations are Mandates

Photo via Baylor University
Photo via Baylor University
Photo via Baylor University

Interim President David Garland sent an email this afternoon to Baylor students and alumni with the subject, “Addressing Sexual Violence at Baylor.”

Baylor now treats the 105 recommendations from Pepper Hamilton as mandates. Many of these mandates are broad goals that will drive how University policy is shaped. Other goals like “Resolve current governance issues at the Executive Council and board levels,” will require Baylor to outline more changes.

Baylor has created a Sexual Assault Task Force. The press release lays out the purpose for the task force:

The Sexual Assault Task Force, led by Dr. Reagan Ramsower, senior vice president and chief operating officer, will build on improvements to the University response to sexual violence made in recent years and will act promptly to address Pepper Hamilton's recommendations in the areas of Title IX protocols and policies, athletics, engagement and education, centralized reporting and resolution, public safety and counseling and advocacy, as well as other areas across the University.

The press release also details the creation Spiritual Life and Character Formation Task Force.