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Daily Bears Report: FRIDAY 6/10

Y’all love puppies.

OH SHHHHHHHots fired.... USF's blog The Daily Stampede is not happy with a neighboring school’s presentation to join the Big 12. has a write up on the Baylor women's week at the Big 12 Championships. A disappointing day, but we still love our Bears.

According to ESPN... shame on Baylor for... dismissing a player.

Here is a picture of some puppy friends.

Yep. Those are puppers.

The sites for the Big 12 Championships have been announced, and it looks like BAHGAWD IS THAT KANSAS CITY’S MUSIC??!!

I personally have Big 12 Division Re-expansion Alignment Overload Disorder, but Jason Kirk wrote a nice little ditty on how the divisions might shake out. And also how they definitely should not. It includes this:

Have a great weekend. Don't do anything aggy would do.