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Frequently Asked Questions: The Baylor Scandal

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Baylor scandal.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I've seen the same questions appear over and over on social media, so I wanted to put all the answers in one place. If there is a question you want answered, ask it in the comments, and I might add it to the list.

Why wasn't Judge Ken Starr completely fired? Why did he receive a promotion?

First, Ken Starr was not promoted. He was already chancellor. Chancellor is an internal position, and my guess is he is part of some fundraising initiatives Baylor wants to keep in place. I'm not saying it's the right decision or that Baylor won't fire him later, but that's where he stands right now.

Note: After this article was published, ESPN reported that Ken Starr has resigned as chancellor.

Where is the full report with all the facts in it? Why hasn't Baylor released it?

A written report was not prepared. Instead, the Baylor Board of Regents received briefings from Pepper Hamilton.

Why is Art Briles the only coach who was fired? Weren't other coaches involved?

Right now, it looks like Baylor is focused on stability. More firings will likely occur when Baylor completes its search for a new head coach.

Why didn't Baylor bring in a bigger name than Jim Grobe?

A coach is just not going to want to take over a program in June, especially one in turmoil. While Jim Grobe is not a flashy hire, he is known in the college football world as a man of integrity, and that's what Baylor needs most right now.

What is the status of Baylor recruiting?

Jim Grobe passed his NCAA certification and was given clearance to talk to recruits on Tuesday. I wouldn't expect much in terms of recruiting, especially until Baylor hires a permanent head coach. Most of the recruits from the 2017 class have reopened their recruitment, and the few left are likely to follow. Baylor will need time and signs of stability Right now, recruiting should not be Baylor's priority.

What about the 2016 class? Will the players be able to get out of their letters of intent?

Kendall wrote a detailed piece about the status of recruiting and the 2016 class, but if an athlete does not enroll at Baylor, he is able to retain that year of eligibility if Baylor is willing to let him out of his letter of intent. At this point, Baylor has no indicated if it is willing to release players from their letters of intent.