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Daily Bears Report: 5/9


It's Monday. Don't be this guy.

If you can avoid, that, this might be a good week.

This is a much better look:

Ryan Ratty and I chatted about Rico for Blogging the Boys.

Head on over to Cincy Jungle to read a cool feature on Phil Taylor, Baylor predecessor to new Andrew Billings in the NFC North.

A few years before the Bengals selected Andrew Billings in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Browns used a first round pick on another Baylor large defensive tackle, Phil Taylor.

UConn is aiming to be the target of Big 12 expansion. Man, I thought we'd have a few more years until another realignment-based off-season...

Weight room getting a face lift, if you missed that. Update below.

And finally, check out this BU Prof's mixtape.

Let's survive Monday, together.