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Daily Bears Report: Friday 5/6


Lot's of really good stuff came out this week, so you might have missed some. BUT NOW YOU GET IT ALL AT ONCE HAHAHA!!!

A good, concise review of Baylor's spring from Jake Trotter.

Hezekiah Jones wrote a second diary entry for Recruit Diaries. Cool stuff on the recruiting process from his point of view.

Great write-up of the undrafted Bears who found their way into rookie camps from Shehan Jeyarajah.

Baylor ranks in the top 25 of FPI according to ESPN. Take a look at the full list.

A little late, but Brittany Griner was selected to the U.S. Olympic team.

Texas A&M is learning rule #1 of Twitter. An assistant coach did a tweet after a recruit did a recruit thing and now the recruit is mad and another recruit is mad and everyone is mad.

Some good movement on one of the top big man recruits for MBB...

There is a lot of realignment talk recently. Dan Wetzel had a good take on it. Heather Dinich recaps the whole situation as well.

A source close to me let me know a Rico Gathers spotlight will be coming soon on Blogging the Boys, the SBNation Dallas Cowboys blog. Good stuff over there, if you're into the Star. Will post the link to the piece here when it comes out.

Personal request for feedback: Recently had a baby. He's a baby, so not big into sports. How do I make him a sports fan? What sports do babies like?