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Report Details Baylor Failed Victims of Sexual Assault

When the word "scandal" doesn't go far enough.

Just after 11 AM today, Baylor released a scathing report of how sexual assaults were handled by the University. Baylor also released Pepper Hamilton's recommendations.

Everyone should read both documents. They detail a complete failing by the University. Some details include:

A complete failure from the Title IX Office:

*"investigators in many instances, required a far greater level of proof than preponderance."

*"Perceived judgmental responses by administrators based on a complainant’s alcohol or other drug use or prior consensual sexual activity also discouraged reporting or continued participation in the process."

A complete failure from the University and its policies:

*"The administrators tasked with implementing Title IX prior to November of 2014 had a limited understanding of the dynamics of sexual violence and existing barriers to reporting on Baylor’s campus, including the impact of other campus policies regarding the prohibition of alcohol and extra-marital sexual intercourse. "

*"the University failed to take prompt and effective action to protect campus safety and protect future victims from harm."

*"prior to August 2015, the University did not have a written amnesty policy for alcohol or other drug violations when reporting misconduct."

*"In some instances, the burden was placed on complainants to identify and obtain appropriate interim measures."

A complete failure from the football program:

*"In some instances, the football program dismissed players for unspecified team violations and assisted them in transferring."

*"In certain instances, including reports of a sexual assault by multiple football players, athletics and football personnel affirmatively chose not to report sexual violence and dating violence to an appropriate administrator outside of athletics. "

*"In those instances, football coaches or staff met directly with a complainant and/or a parent of a complainant and did not report the misconduct."

Going Forward

Art Briles is out. Ken Starr is no longer President but is still Chancellor and Professor of Constitutional Law at Baylor Law. Ian McCaw is on probation but remains Athletic Director. Pat Forde is reporting Phil Bennett is the interim coach. Others are reporting Baylor is self-reporting potential violations to the NCAA.

We don't know what will happen in the months ahead. We do know what happened at Baylor was a complete disaster for victims of sexual violence.