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Daily Bears Report: Thursday 5/26

Baylor Baseball faces an elimination game vs Texas today after losing their first game of the Big 12 Championship Tournament to TCU. The Frogs beat Baylor 10-5. First pitch of Baylor vs Texas is at 12:30pm.

Looks like the Browns might not be entirely unaware of what they have on their hands. I'd agree that it is in their football best interest to get this young man the football whenever and wherever possible.

Very cool to see.

I need Friday to get here sooner, so let's play Secret Bear. Without mentioning this post in any way sort or form, we're going to light up some poor, unsuspecting individual's twitter mentions.

So, I think we should go ask my Baylor-themed rec basketball teammate Reagan about the alleged incident with feta cheese during his honeymoon. Again, no reference to this post or me at all, or it ruins the fun.