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Daily Bears Report: Wednesday 5/25

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Baylor v Kentucky

Football uniforms are apparently important to recruits. WHO COULD HAVE EXPECTED...

In other football news:

Speaking of uniforms and Fank, he and I have something special planned for you guys... Read more about this below.

Baylor takes on TCU today at 4pm in the Big 12 Baseball Championship Tournament.

Cannot believe I missed this, but congrats to Niya Johnson for being selected in the WNBA draft!

Our Daily Bears Uniform Bracket Challenge

I'm completely biting the wave of recent blogs doing this, but I thought Baylor's could be especially interesting.

Myself and Fank will be combining suggestions you give us below into a massive Baylor athletics uniform bracket.

We will split them into rounds, tally votes, and award the winner.

What we need from you? Suggestions. And photos.

Give us your favorite or at least memorable uniforms (throw in a couple of bad ones just for fun) from ANY SPORT! This is an all-inclusive contest.