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Site Announcement: New Manager

The mystery is over! ODB has a new Managing Editor!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I am happy to announce I have accepted the position as the new manager at Our Daily Bears. I graduated from Baylor in 2013 with a B.A. in Political Science and finished up my J.D. on Saturday at K.U. Although I enjoyed my time at Kansas, I prefer highlighter green, Baylor football, and Baylor basketball to whatever alternatives are out there.

My hope is to maintain the excellent coverage and product this site has produced under Mark. Mark will still be around, but his work and having way more of a life than I do, led Mark to want to scale back and have someone who could be more involved with the site.

I've been pleased in conversations I've had with several of the writers and with Peter and Mark. Although I have not had the chance to talk with many of the people who write for Our Daily Bears, my hope is to continue with the excellent staff. I do not intend to make massive changes to this wonderful website.

My goal is that we'll be a site people enjoy and are proud of. We'll hope to continue to strike the right tone and be fair. We are a Baylor fan site where most of us went to Baylor and all of us root for the Bears. Our hope is that the team wins a national championship every season. But Our Daily Bears has always attempted to strike a reasoned, more realistic tone, and you can continue to expect the same outlook

I'm excited and ready to begin leading this wonderful site. We have some new features planned and strive to consistently improve. As always, we welcome any feedback and are grateful for anyone who takes time out of their day to read and interact with us.