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Daily Bears Report: Thursday 5/12

Baylor v Yale Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I honestly don't have time for you swaggerless cretins today.

Here are some shoddily assembled links for your discussion, or whatever.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Texas
oh you
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Don't break anything while I'm in the real world getting some work done TO PAY THE BILLS AROUND HERE.

Baylor Basketball, if you even read this site anymore, jeez, scheduled a home and home with Arizona for like a million years from now but hey it's something.

Looks like there might have been more to the tragic West Plant fire/explosion 3 years ago.

Brandon Chatmon is the homie. Where does Baylor's O-Line rank after spring practices.

Colorado State's coach was all like "nah we don't need the Big 12" but then the university president texted the Big 12 and was all like "lol u wild tho wyd?"

If there is one person I DID want to comment on Big 12 expansion, it was country singer songwriter Garth Brooks.

Please go away now.