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Daily Bears Report: Wednesday 5/11

NCAA Football: Texas at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

ODB has submitted paperwork to become the newest member of the Kardashian family. Chip and Joanna have ponied up $40 million dollars to sponsor a new episode every season that focuses on just Peter and his microphone collection. No Rob, no Khloe, no anyone. Just Peter and his audio room.

In similar news, one particular team wants in on the Big 12, and they are slinging some heavy corporate weight behind it. Hint, it isn't UPS. Peter Berkes has more here.

On the way to deliver Texas QB play prolly.... prolly...

Everyone either wants Houston as a new Big 12 member or they don't. Unless they do. In which case, they don't. The Houston Barnacle

Colorado State says you do what you want when you poppin' and that they are a strong, independent mid-major who don't need no Power Five.

Caught the @future

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It appears as though Ohio State has their sights set on one of the Baylor's top recruits. Go tweet at him to make him stay. (Do not do this.)

Brandon Chatmon of ESPN says in a mailbag that the TCU QB battle might be more interesting than most think.

Below was a real comment on an article about how Baylor has had success and has the continued ability to base an entire offense around the run game.


So don't feel bad about that brain fart you had during today's meeting.

Have fun in the comments today, I hid a present. One random commenter will win a year's subscription to ODB. Get after it.