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Baylor Trails TCU 38-14 at Halftime

The Bears have been outscored 38-7 after taking a 7-0 lead

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

After hitting Ish Zamora for an 81 yard touchdown on the second play of the game, TCU scored the next 31 points.

TCU answered Baylor’s early score with a touchdown on a slant. Less than a minute into the game the score was 7-7.

The Bears could not get much going after the first drive. Baylor opened with passes on the first six plays. When they turned to the run, Terence Williams had nowhere to go. JaMycal Hasty came in and had some nice plays, but the Bears still were not able to do much for most of the half.

Shock Linwood barely played in this half. The first time I noticed him was on 3rd and 5 with 8:22 left in the second quarter He’s been banged up earlier in the season. But at this time, it seems he may not play much going forward

After he left the field, Linwood and a coach got into it on the sideline , according to Your Boy Q of ESPN 1660:

The Bears have once again struggled on defense because of their inability to get 3rd down stops. The Bears also had a number of inopportune penalties—three unsportsmanlike conduct calls, a facemask, and a pass interference—all gifted TCU 15 yards.

Baylor can rightfully gripe that the officials have missed a few holds by TCU. Despite those issues, the Bears have not played well. The team that handled Oklahoma State in week three seems as distant from this one as possible in a season where every week feels longer than it has in years.

TCU took a 24-7 lead when they went for it on 4th and 2 near the 20. Baylor missed a series of tackles. This response seemed apt:

On the first play after being down 24-7, Ranthony Texada returned an interception for a touchdown. TCU took a 31-7 lead, and the Bears season that looked so promising at this time last week now looks in dire straits.

Baylor scored on a Seth Russell run after a series of outside passes to Ish Zamora along with a few solid plays by Williams and Hasty. Zamora has been one of the few bright spots of the half. He has 120 yards on 6 catches and has added a touchdown.

Then TCU managed another touchdown on a run by Kyle Hicks to end the half. A big run by Kenny Hill and a couple of big passes set the Frogs up, much as it had all day.

There are 30 minutes left to turn this game around. There are weeks to discuss everything else going on and what has happened with this team, and we’ll certainly address that more after the game ends. Right now a lot with this team looks broken. They came back from down 21 with 10 minutes left in a game two yeas ago. But two years feels like a lifetime ago right now. It will take something spectacular to come back in this one.