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Live Stream of "Bears for Leadership Reform" Presser at Texas Sports Hall of Fame

A group of Baylor donors, fans, and other supporters have convened a press conference today at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

First and foremost, I want to say that we here at ODB are not in any way affiliated with the group known as the "Bears for Leadership Reform."  A media agent for their organization reached out to ODB earlier this week about helping raise awareness of today's event, but ultimately, we decided against it so as to not take a side.  We're providing the stream below simply so that people who want to watch can do so.  Please do not construe this as an endorsement or condemnation of anything said.

Second, I want everyone to know that the first question I asked in response was whether this was about bringing back Art Briles as coach of the Baylor Bears.  I was told in no uncertain terms that it is not.  Instead, it is reportedly about transparency and accountability.  I'll be curious to see how that shapes up.

Please let me know if this embed doesn't work.