Hi guys, I'm SoFloBear2020, and I am, as the number in my username suggests, a member of the Baylor University Class of 2020.

I have been following many SB Nation blogs over the past few years, but especially ODB over the past few months since I have made my decision to attend, and have begun attending, Baylor University. I've always read comments at the bottom of each article in order to not only gain the information presented in the article itself, but also the viewpoints and opinions expressed by the fans and general commentariat. As the sexual assault scandal exploded around BU just weeks after I placed my deposit to confirm my enrollment, I constantly looked to ODB as an incredibly important source of information that was being presented in an uncommon and, quite frankly, unpopular fashion: by Baylor fans, for Baylor fans.

It has obviously been surreal, signing on to attend a University known mostly for its outstanding academic reputation and explosive offense, with only whispers of a scandal floating around, only to arrive and find myself swamped in bad news and general negativity from the national press on a daily basis. I landed in a place that, to me, is the most loving, caring, open, and intellectually stimulating community I've ever had the good fortune to get to be a part of. And yet, I find this place trashed openly with little to no factual information behind the claims, only a heaping dose of bias and inflammatory rhetoric coupled with a disturbing penchant for reporting hearsay and speculation as hard truths.

This is where I step in. Sports blogs, local news stations, and national media empires alike all speak from the voice of the observer. Looking in from the outside and seeing only what they want or need to report, but not taking into account the experiences of those who live life in a community under the microscope on a daily basis. As a current student, I feel that it's my ability and to some extent obligation to provide that viewpoint and perspective to the ODB community, to let the voice of the student be heard. While I'm only one person, I think that I hold a viewpoint and perspective that most sports blogs and media outlets simply do not have access to. I want to provide that to this blog as best as I can.

So, at any rate, that is a summary of me and my background. If any of y'all would like to ask a few questions of me, absolutely feel free to do so in the comments of this post. I hope that I can be of service and act to the benefit of the ODB and Baylor communities now and in the future.

Sic 'Em Always and Forever, as Long as Stars Shall Shine,


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