Bible lessons with J.J. Joe. And a football game.

Hooray, we survived Ames!

If it's excitement you want... then go watch a replay of the Clemson/Louisville game. If you want to see the Bears pull off an unnecessary come-from-behind victory, then watch this video.

Seriously, John Morris could call the play-by-play of a car wash and make it entertaining. J.J. does a great job of adding the color analysis, too. His perspective and analogies are usually pretty interesting. At one point J.J. compared the offensive play calling to the Church in Galatia whom Paul encouraged to remain true to the gospel of Christ. (If you don't follow the reference, he was discussing KB's need to stick with what was working... the run game.) I don't remember if the exchange made it into the final cut, but when John threw it to commercial, he stated "We'll be right back to 'Bible Lessons with J.J.' after this short break."

Preach, Brother Joe!

If you're taking notes on today's sermon, here are the three points:

  1. Big XII refs are still not the best.
  2. ISU is better than their 1-4 record and if they don't get at least 3 Big XII victories, I'll be ticked.
  3. I don't envy the team we will face when both the offense and defense decide to have their best game. *steps out on back porch... looks south towards Austin

Props to the Bears for sticking with it when it would have been easy to roll over and give up. They got a tough win in a tough venue. I hope everyone rests well and just gets ready for KU.

Notes: I think I've figured out a trick for getting much better video quality, and this one turned out really well. So from here on, these should look pretty good. While the quality was good, the feed was not. Fox's feed cut out on me at several points so there are a few gaps in the timeline. I filled in one extended gap with the audio and a few still photos I found plus the recap video from SicEm Sports. Hopefully that will suffice.

Enjoy! And as always... Sic 'Em!

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