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Iowa St. Game In Gifs

Whew, what a game In Ames (home of world famous water). Here is the BNT summary.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

What you thought of when you heard Tim Brando talk about the "biological clocks" at the start of the game

When you saw ISU shredding our D on the first 6 possessions

What it seemed like every time we scored and ISU answered to keep the lead

When you listened to Brando and White go on and on about how great ISU is now

What you did at halftime with us behind and knowing that ISU would be getting the 2nd half kickoff

After a slow start when the offense heated up and began playing with a fire in their bellies:

KB to Shock and Terence

Shock to the ISU D

Terence to the ISU D

ISU fans thinking they had a comfortable lead, then seeing us win with a field goal on the last play

Now it's your turn!