So you think there's no BU Football this weekend? Think again!

Welcome to this week's installment of Fun with J-Mo & J.J. (and Ricky)!

In addition to last Saturday's thumping of the Jayhawks, I've also included the syncs for all 2016 Baylor Football games in one glorious repository. Just consider this your one-stop sync shop for the bye week. Feel free to peruse each of the games at your leisure (pronounced: lye-ZHUR-ay) should you find yourself in need of a BU Football fix. Just one word of caution... please watch responsibly.

10/15/16: BU 49, KU 7

As mentioned, we'll kick things off with a replay of the "game" against the Jayhawks of Kansas. Pretty exciting game up until about halfway through the third quarter when Zach Smith's TD pass to Stricklin was called back because a lineman was apparently three inches too far down field (one of the ticky-tackiest calls I've seen all year).

But the quick-kick by Zach Smith on 4th and 8 later in the drive did elicit a fantastic response from John Morris. You'll definitely want to stay tuned for that. Not much happens after that except a lot of filler convo between John, J.J., and Ricky about the legitimacy of Ricky's nuptuals. Clay Johnson also got a pick... so that was fun.

10/1/16: BU 45, ISU 42

Next up on the docket is the come-from-behind victory over the Iowa State Cyclones. More of a nailbiter than it probably needed to be, but (SPOILER ALERT) we got the win. If you want to read the accompanying FanPost, find it here.

9/24/16: BU 35, OSU 24

In our third installment, we go way back to the matchup with Okie Lite. I know how much those guys appreciate that name, so work that into conversation as often as you can. This game featured yards and points galore and a number of big time stops from the defense at the right time. Gundy's mullet wasn't enough to overcome four OSU turnovers that night.

9/16/16: Baylor 38, Rice 10

Frickin' Laser Beams! I've never had the opportunity to work Dr. Evil, Dark Helmet, and a referee's admonishment of an entire stadium into a sync video before. Well, now I can check that off my bucket list. Despite the slow start, the outcome was never really in doubt. About the only true surprise from the game (aside from the techie shenanigans) was a certain attendee. That's been discussed elsewhere so I won't rehash it now. Instead, just enjoy the game.

9/10/16: BU 40, SMU 13

Regardless of your feelings about Chad Morris and his chances to become BU's next head coach, the ponies gave us a pretty good fight early on. The offense started sluggishly, but kicked it up a bit in the second half and BU pulled away comfortably.

9/2/16: BU 55, NWST 7

Grobe's winning streak begins. Seth played his first game after coming back from surgery. Backups got their first exposure to the big time. Technical difficulties required a musical interlude at one point.

Enjoy! And as always... Sic 'Em!

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