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Kansas Game In Gifs

It's that time again Baylor fans for BNT's summary of the KU Game in Gifs.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

When you wake up excited that it's both game day and Homecoming, making it feel like Christmas

When your TCU neighbor comes over to tell you to be ready because KU could upset the Bears

When you meet two ODB lurkers who say they LOVE the Game In Gifs articles, but have never heard of you

When you drop in on are invited to soooo many yummy tailgates

When your friends see Ryan Reid make a "TURN YO HEAD" pick 6

When you see KD Cannon become a human blur as he races past the defenders on his TD score

When you see Callahan miss his second field goal attempt

When you try to be enthusiastic as Callahan is sent back in for his 3rd field goal attempt

When you see the arm strength of Zach Smith on his called back TD bomb

What Raquan Davis looked like smashing the KU offense

Our D to everyone as they are the only FBS team to not give up a point in the 4th Quarter

Now it's your turn.