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NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor plays host to the Kansas Jayhawks this weekend for Homecoming. You might have heard that Kansas was bad, and that is true. Kansas also took TCU down to the wire, 23-24. Inexplicably, the Kansas-TCU game is always close. Does the near-upset of a good team by Kansas give confidence to those in Vegas? Noooooope. Per VegasInsider, Baylor opened as a 35-point home favorite over the Jayhawks. The line has come down slightly to Baylor -34.5, though it is still an impressively large line. If Baylor comes out and plays like they are capable of, this should not be a contest. If Baylor stutters out of the game or overlooks this game, it could turn into a TCU scenario. I’m favoring the former option.

Some other lines:

  • Navy at East Carolina (-3/-3)
  • Iowa State at Texas (-14/-14)
  • North Carolina at Miami (-6.5/-7)
  • Northwestern at Michigan State (-7/-4)
  • Kansas State at Oklahoma (-14/-10)
  • West Virginia at Texas Tech (-1/-2)
  • Alabama at Tennessee (+8/+11.5)
  • Mississippi at Arkansas (+6.5/+7)
  • Ohio State at Wisconsin (+9/+10.5)